Guide & FAQ

Last changed: May 15, 2022 08:31:22 (UTC Time)
What is ?

DAR.ZONE is a free site for players of mines of dalarnia. It provides all the information and tools to help players easily access game data without having to log in to the game. We are developed by VN Capital investment fund from Vietnam.The website operates on two official domains, and

Website data

All data is aggregated and provided by game homepage and their api. All data is synced and stored on our servers. Information and pricing of resources are obtained from the game's smart contract. We do not take any responsibility regarding the original game data

Why need a wallet connection ?

You can use almost all the functions of the system without having to connect a wallet. Connecting a wallet will tell us your wallet address and save your watchlist information. We do not ask for any access to your assets and do not ask to spend tokens from your wallet. This ensures absolute safety for your assets

  • Functions that require a wallet connection
    • CashBack (We need you to connect your wallet to receive the refund from our system)

Cashback feature

Whenever you mine on the land owned by us you are refunded % (in DAR tokens). You can login and claim the balance in your refund dashboard The list of our lands is published here: Our Lands

Manage Land

This is a feature for those who own the land of the game. They can easily manage their lands on the website interface without having to log into the game

  • Functions
    • See all the information about your land
    • Refill your land on the website (Terra Fomer required).
    • Change the rental price through the website interface.
    • Save the last refill time
    • Can be used with metamask on mobile phone
  • All features interact directly with the game's land smart contract : 0xc4ea71878A4F1D92215e2ED680E325966Ab6e1eB
  • Note : This feature is temporarily closed

Watch List

We give you the list view page. You can add your favorite lands to track all stats in real time. You can add a land to your watchlist by clicking the star icon Your watchlist can be shared with others using the referral link at the top of the page.

Do you have any questions regarding the website. Please contact us at email address